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Cashmere pashmina

Опубликовано: 17.06.2017

видео cashmere pashmina

How to recognise a real pashmina scarf


When you hear of cashmere pashmina, you probably think of a fine cashmere wool . Cashmere is very soft and delicate fabric that makes for a beautiful scarf or shawl. The pashmina shawl makes for a very elegant and comfortable body wrap. Or you can use a pashmina scarf for a warm and stylish head dress. Many people believe that silk blended pashmina is the most popular option, but 100% pure pashmina is also very popular as well. Here we will go over the history of cashmere pashmina and the qualities of this beautiful high-quality type of cashmere.

The history of pashmina starts in Kashmir, India back in 3rd century BC. Pashmina comes from the name Persian word Pashmineh, which means "wool. " Pashmina wool is мейд from the changthangi or pashmina goat, and this breed of goat is found in the high altitudes in the Himalayas. For centuries the wandering tribes would хэнд spin pashmina scarves and other types of clothing. The pashmina fabric is known for being extremely soft, silky, and lustrous; these qualities are due to pashmina being hand-woven over a silk wrap.

The silk wrap is added because pashmina is very light weight and fragile. Most often cashmere pashmina is мейд from 30% silk. When this fabric is dyed, it is placed in open containers. After the dying process is completed, then hand-embroidery, beading and printing is added. These methods are still being employed after several centuries.

When shopping for a pashmina dress or shawl, the most common visual difference you will notice is that pashmina has a shimmering silky luster. Also you will see that pashmina silk blend is also мейд with a tighter weave that you usually see with items blended with silk. This tighter weave is what works to enhance the smooth texture and sheen. If you want a fluffier look and feel, then you could always select a 100% pashmina item. The sheen from pashmina makes an attractive option when one is attending a wedding or any other type of formal event, where dresses for these occasions are мейд from fabrics that have a sheen appearance, such as satin or silk.

How to tell fake pashmina and cashmere from the real stuff!

Difference Between Cashmere and Pashmina